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Vintage Tone & Old School Bleachers

The Old School Amp

The finest blues harp amplification in history… period.

The harmonica, aka the Blues Harp, instantly transports us back to the era of dirt crossroads and dusty juke joints. Like the Crazy Horse Amp we continue the heritage provided in the raw beautiful sound of the 40's and 50's tweed amps. When pushed to their limits, they sound like they are going to come loose at the joints and just explode. But we've solved much of the tendency of amps to feedback when you have it cranked up and are blowing hard to compete with the rest of the band.

The Old School Amp is Not Just Made for Harp. It is a great single 10" Guitar Amp As Well

With the same principles as the Crazy Horse we emphasize the sanctity of the high quality, simple, pure analog signal. We voiced our first harp amp with hard, old school bleacher wood, which gives us its name, and various classic components to maximize the unique profile of the harmonica's singularly unique historic sound.

The Old School Amplifier is a single channel, single input amp and does not have reverb, master volume, an effects loop, printed circuit boards, modeling FX, foot switches, pull pots, transistors, chips or anything else that would degrade tone, harmonic complexity or touch sensitivity.

Each and every single amplifier is skillfully crafted by hand from the best of both new and vintage materials. Components are selected to match each other to achieve their collective highest potential. Then each amplifier is tested extensively until we feel it is ready to go out into the world carrying the Black Volt Amplification trademark.

We hope that you will feel the history and raw emotion that has been infused into each and every custom Old School Amp when you play it, and also hope that it will inspire you to take your love of making music to the next level.

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