One-to-One Interactive Repair

Amp goes down at a rehearsal the day before a gig?  Signal chain acting funny? Intermittent problems?  Great idea to take your stage show to the next level and it can't wait? Want to listen to multiple speakers in your amp before you just pick one on the internet because some guy in a chat room said this was the only speaker for that amp? Tone circuit modifications and you want to hear it before you commit? Too much high end and you want to tone it down?

Whatever the job calls for we will do our best to help make it happen and enable you to be a part of the process. This is custom amplifier repair unlike anything else available. Come into our Los Angeles workshop or send your amp from anywhere in the world and work with us remotely. You are dedicated to being the best, so why not work with the best professional amp repair available.

When you need it just right, we're ready to help. Call now to schedule an appointment with a professional tech.


We understand that it is your tone and you have to be inspired by it every time you plug in