Class A Inspiration, Point to Point Vibe, Vintage Tone

The Crazy Horse Amp

There is no other amp like it… period.

The Crazy Horse Amp is inspired by many of the best classic guitar amplifiers from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and the hand full of high-end boutique producers that have come since.

One influence is the character of the 1940's and 1950's tweed amps. They possessed a raw but beautiful sound. When pushed to their limits, they sound like they are going to come loose at the joints and just explode. Somehow they hung in there and, ultimately, became the foundation upon which blues and rock & roll was built. Artists like Eric Clapton, B.B. King, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, SRV, U2’s The Edge, Larry Carlton and so many others have trusted these amps to deliver their tone.

Another influence are the famous Trainwreck and Dumble amplifiers. Principles are followed in the concept and construction, but these are NOT Trainwreck or Dumble clones. Crazy Horse Amps each have their own singularly unique historic world class sound.

And of course we have been inspired by the untamed sound of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Neil with his old tweed amps and humbuckers influenced the sound of so many different artists, that he is like a force of nature, Like a Hurricane.

The Crazy Horse Amplifier is a single channel, single input amp and does not have reverb, master volume, an effects loop, printed circuit boards, modeling FX, foot switches, pull pots, transistors, chips or anything else that would degrade tone, harmonic complexity or touch sensitivity.

Each and every single amplifier is skillfully crafted by hand from the best of both new and vintage materials. Components are selected to match each other to achieve their collective highest potential. Then each amplifier is tested extensively until we feel it is ready to go out into the world carrying the Black Volt Amplification trademark.

We hope that you will feel the history and raw emotion that has been infused into each and every custom Crazy Horse Amp when you play it, and also hope that it will inspire you to take your love of making music to the next level.


No two amps are exactly the same as variations are part of the character of these amplifiers.

high end hand made boutique vintage sounding amps
  1. Completely hand wired circuitry on vintage turret boards
  2. Some components in the circuitry are vintage components to achieve a more vintage tone. All components are tested first to insure reliability
  3. Vintage or equivalent 2 - 6V6GT Power tubes
  4. Vintage or equivalent 2 - 12AX7 or sometimes 12AU7 or 12AY7 pre amp tubes
  5. USA made Power and Output transformers vary between Mercury Magnetics, Classic Tone or Hammond
  6. Average power output is 22-30 watts… Loud enough to play with most drummers
  7. Ultra heavy duty insulated grounding to insure silent operation. The Crazy Horse Amp is near silent even when on 12
  8. All controls go to 12 with all potentiometers offering a wider spectrum sweep for more dynamic control of each function
  9. Controls vary between Volume and Tone or Treble, Bass, and Gain.
  10. Bright Switch on most amps offers upper end harmonics and note bloom in the sweet spot
  11. Solid sheet copper lining the entire head / chassis area to cancel all hum, buzz and outside RF (Radio frequency) interference.
  12. Heavy duty grounded 12 gauge Power Cable on some amps. Others use lightweight 18 gauge grounded cable to emulate original vintage amps more accurately.
  13. Speakers vary due to the extensive voicing process used to find the best compliment to each cabinet and requests from buyers, but Jensen & Eminece are common, if we aren’t using a vintage speaker
  14. Combo speaker configurations offered: 1 x 12" - 1 x 10" - 2 x 10"
  15. Wooden cabinetry is typically made from 100-150 year old solid pine, but other old hardwoods are use on occasion, and all joinery is glued. No nails or screws are used in any of the joinery. All cabinets are tested for buzzing and rattling so that each amp is amplifying only the sounds of the guitar and speaker. All completed amps are hum and buzz free. Ready for the studio, stage or home.
  16. Grill clothes are either new or vintage Native American blankets.
  17. Separate head and speaker cabinet options are available


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This amp is normally 2-6 weeks back ordered.

Thanks for your interest in Black Volt Amplification