Inspired Point to Point Construction
Uncompromised Tone & Heritage Materials

The Variable AC Transformer Attenuator

The finest Attenuator since the Apollo Program.

Patents Pending. Proprietary design. Simple to use. The safest and best sounding attenuator for your amp.

1. Use with All impedance speaker configurations / No switching needed for 4, 8 or 16 ohms

2. 50 Watt Max and 130 Watt Max models available

3. Completely hand made. Solid hardwood box. Beautiful look, feel and design.

4. Vintage knobs used on all attenuators for that classic feel. Comfortably dial in just the right tone.

5. Use as a speaker load for silent amp operation when going direct to a recording console or with headphone. Use with Splitter cable 

6. Maintain The Tone True Tone of your amp / It will not be altered as you attenuate the volume.

7. Internal fuse to protect the amp in case of overload.

8. 50 Watt Attenuator $400.  

9. 130 Watt Attenuator $500. 

The amp is dimed, Pushed to its limits, it sounds like it is going to come loose at the joints and just explode. Now you reach down to dial back the Attenuator and find the volume you want, but you haven't lost any of the amazing tone and distortion you need. It sounds perfect!

We use the same principles in our Attenuator as in our amps, emphasizing the sanctity of the high quality, hand wired analog signal. We employed oscilloscopes, wattage and voltage meters to test and analyze the amps output stage making sure the signal going in is exactly the same as the signal going out, with the only difference being volume.

The Attenuator is a single input, and single output with a master volume dial. No printed circuit boards, transistors, chips, or anything else that would degrade tone, harmonic complexity or touch sensitivity.

Each and every Attenuator is skillfully crafted by hand from the best of both new and vintage materials. Components are selected to match each other to achieve their collective highest potential. Then each Attenuator is tested extensively until we feel it is ready to go out into the world carrying the Black Volt Amplification trademark.

We hope that you will feel the raw emotion that has been infused into each and every Attenuator when you play it, and also hope that it will inspire you to take your love of making music to the next level.

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