Traditional Amplifier Repair

Black Volt is a full service amp repair shop located in Los Angeles' Silverlake neighborhood, providing all aspects of repair, modifications, restoration and maintenance. With years of experience working on modern and vintage guitar and bass amps we are qualified to get your gear into top working condition and take your tone to the next level. We also know how frustrating it can be to get by without your gear so we do our best to keep our turnaround times quick. Please let us know if you need your gear back quickly and we will put a rush on it at no extra charge.

Princeton Amp


Here at Black Volt we are dedicated to achieving the best performance and best sounding results out of every piece of gear that we work on. Quite simply, we are driven by great tone and doing whatever necessary to get it. Each and every piece of vintage gear is unique, and there are many variables that create the mystical magic we all strive for in our tone.  There is no singular path to what is best. We enjoy working with our clients to take each piece of gear as far as they like. Our Standard Practice is to work directly from the original factory schematics to insure that our work is on par with the original equipment manufactures specifications to avoid future malfunction or confusion. We offer both traditional repair services and custom One-to-One premium service for the special situations where you want to be present and contribute to the final outcome. Further, while most customers are seeking amp repair services we also apply our same high standards to your pedals and special audio Fx gear.

Come into our Silverlake workshop or send your amp from anywhere in the world and work with us remotely. You are dedicated to being the best, so why not work with the best professional repair team available.

Bench Rates: $75 / Per Hour for most repairs.

Flat Rate Fees: Available for some jobs.

Loaner Amps Available while work is being done if necessary.